Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) comprises of Glass fiber, Polyester Resin, Fillers, Catalyst, Additives, etc. DEVI have SMC Compound Machine from M/s. Schmidt & Heinzmann, Germany, with a total capacity of 1500 Kg/hr (900mm width  1m wide) was commissioned in 1975. The Plant capacity is 5000 MT/annum.

 :: Grades of Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC)

       1. Electrical                                               click here for Electrical grades

       2. Automotive                                           click here for Automotive grades

       3. Water Tank (Food grade)                     click here for Water Tank grades

       4. Anti-static version (Ex-e grade SMC)    click here for anti-static ex-'e' grades


 :: Photographs of the SMC Moulded Components of various applications

 :: Design of New products in SMC

      Devi has the following facilities to design the compression / injection moulding product from the conceptual
      level followed by the manufacturing the same using CAD / CAM, PRO-E and other OEM package.

           Tool /  Mould design of the moulded products.

           Utilizing different formulations in-house of SMC/DMC switching the application of the product.

           Moulding Facility.

           Hydraulic presses form 50 Tons to 1000 Tons

           To mould smaller components to components as high as 1m X 2 m. 

           Capacity to supply a minimum of 10000 components/month.

View for More SMC Moulded Components

For complete specification in Adobe Acrobat format, click here