FLOSTO SMC/GRP Sectional Panel tank for storage of water


       Devi's  FLOSTO SMC / GRP panel tank is modular in construction meant for storage of water.  The tank comprises of standard compression moulded GRP / SMC  panels of 1mx1m(h), 1mx1.5m(h),1mx2m(h) with a flange thickness of 75mm all around.  The panels are externally fastened using stainless steel (SS304) bolts with a special type of sealant in between to avoid any leakage of water.

Photographs showing the assembly and schematic sketch showing the joint between the panels

Photographs of internal view of the SMC Panel tank

Photographs of external view of the SMC Panel tank


Photographs of SMC Panel tank



        HYGIENIC FLOSTO GRP  panel water tanks are 100% hygienic inside and outside which does not harbor any
          foreign materials.

        NO ALGAE or Bacteria Growth FLOSTO GRP panels are 100% opaque and do not permit any light transmission
          and thereby absolutely no growth of algae or bacteria.

        Modular in construction, very easy & simple to install any capacities from 1000 litres to 10 lakh litres and
          above within a very short lead time.  A typical 1,00,000 litres capacity tank can be constructed within a weeks

        UV stabilized - Ideal tank for outdoor weathering.

        100% leakage proof -FLOSTO tank ensures 100% leakage proof by using the special sealant on each face of
          the panel.

        No Maintenance FLOSTO tank is designed to allow easy cleaning and absolutely no maintenance is required

        Lesser Self weight - hence ideal for constructing especially above the roof of the buildings.



        Housing Colonies / Building For storing potable drinking water above the roof, over-head, ground level,
          basement and as well as in special cases as sump.

        Fire-fighting tanks - The most ideal to be located in major buildings and plants.

        Water treatment plants RO Plants / DM Plants for storing both raw water and as well as product water such
          as DM Water, clarified DM Water, Pure Water etc.

        Highly chlorinated water / sea water for desalination plants.

        Sewage treatment tanks for sewage treatment plants.

        Make-up / PUF insulated chilled water tanks for A/c and refrigeration plants.

        Rainwater harvesting storage reservoirs.

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