FLODOMAT KMC added moulding compound is  manufactured by a special continuous process which ensures complete wet out of glass fibers and fillers with resins. In this compound, glass reinforcement forms a three dimensional pattern never before possible in SMC. KMC compound machine built in-house with capacity 2500 Kg/hr suitable for injection and compression wide) commissioned in 1997.

In manufacture of FLODOMAT, resin paste is transported to a special machine fed by a continuous stream of chopped glass fibers. The paste is reinforced by the glass fibers between two counter rotating rollers.

::FLODOMAT offers distinct advantages over SMC & DMC. Some of the advantages are 

  Kneading action ensures simultaneous wetting of individual glass strands in FLODOMAT manufacturing,
    while as sandwiching and subsequent compaction. 
  100% wet out of glass fibers without disintegration of fibers as in the case of DMC. 
  Reduces labour in cutting and charge preparation. 
  Offers consistency in mechanical strength. 
  Offers better integrated flow characteristics than SMC & DMC with excellent mould filling characteristics. 
  Reduces polythene scrap. 
  Mandatory process filtration removes agglomerates and impurities. Hence surface finish improves
  Offers low viscosity compounds, permitting low moulding pressures than SMC. FLODOMAT is ideal for
    compression, transfer and injection moulding

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