Contact:  K N Mohanram, Executive Director 
Address: D-28, Industrial Estate, Ambattur, Chennai 600 058, INDIA. 
Email: /
Telephone: ++91 44 26252148, 2625 0487 
Fax: ++91 44 2625 0558

Operating since: 1975 
Built-up area: 2000 sq meters
Products: Polyester Moulding Compounds (PMC) 
Sheet moulding Compounds (SMC) 
Dough Moulding Compounds (DMC) 
Kneaded Moulding Compounds (KMC) 
PMC Moulded Components 
Manufacturing facilities: Compounding Facility 
SMC Compound Machine from M/s. Schmidt & Heinzmann, Germany. With     capacity of 1500 Kg/hr (900mm width) 
KMC Compound machine built in-house with capacity 2500 Kg/hr. (1000mm wide) commissioned in 1997. 
Sheet moulding compound (1m wide) commissioned in 1975. Used mainly   for  R&D 
DMC Compounding Z blade mixers capacity 50 Kg, 100 Kg & 300 Kg. 
Bulk filler handling capacity bulk storage and handling of filler with 2 silos of capacity 60 Mt each and handling and drying capacity of 3 Mt/hrs. Commissioned in 1996. 
Moulding Shop 250 Tons press - 1 No. 
130 Tons press - 1 No. 
Laboratory and test facilities: Devi has extensive facilities to test as per relevant British (BS), American (ASTM), German (DIN) and Bureau of Indian (BIS) Standards, required Electrical, Mechanical, Thermal and Chemical Properties.
Mechanical and Thermal Laboratory
(Specimen preparation presses)
100 tons Hydraulic Press - 1 No. 
30 Tons Hydraulic Press- 1 No. 
Universal Testing Machine 10 Ton capacity for Tensile, Bending, Shear & Compression
Izod impact tester 
Abrasion / wear resistance tester 
Mould Shrinkage measurement. 
Martens heat stability tester 
Flamability tester 
Electrical Laboratory 1000KV Di-Electric Break down tester. 
Arc Resistance Tester (ASTM-D495) 
Tracking Index Tester. 
Volume and Surface resistivity. 
Insulation resistance Tester Meter.
Chemical Laboratory Fully equipped to test the specs of polyester resin, glass fiber, fillers and other raw materials used in manufacture of PMC and to test gel time, cure time of compounds at different temperatures as per relevant standards.
Laboratory includes muffle fumance (1000C), Ovens, Oil/Water baths, 2Nos. BROOKFIELD Viscometer with Helipath stand, Penetro-meter etc.
Research & Development Independent R & D team headed by a Doctorate in Chemical Engineering to develop and improve new & existing grades of PMC, testing of products etc. 

Contact: M Sivaprakash, Executive Director 
Address: B6 & 7, Industrial Estate, Guindy, Chennai 600 032, INDIA. 
Telephone: ++91 44 2234 1509, 2234 9163 
Fax: ++91 44 2234 2152

Operating since: 1982 
Built-up area: 1250 sq meters
Products: Moulding tools for PMC Components (Compression / Transfer) 
Allied finished products 
Manufacturing facilities: Moulding Shop 
Moulding Compound & Transfer 150 Tons press - 4Nos. 
250 Tons press - 1 No. 
400 Tons press - 1 No. 
Tool Room equipment Milling machine - 2Nos. 
CNC Milling (Mikron) - 1No. 
Spark Erosion -2 Nos. 
Cylindrical grinding - 1No. 
Surface grinding - 1No. 
Center lathe - 1No. 
Radial drilling - 1No. 
CNC/Boring m/c CHEN-H0 TAIWAN (Travel X axis 2300mm Y axis 1000mm Z axis 900mm maximum work piece weight 4 Ton) 
Design Facility Full-fledged Computer Assisted Design available for designing of intricate moulding tools CAD/CAM integration being done. 
Quality Control Department equipped with 3 axis co-ordinate measuring machine - POLI, Italian make 

Contact:  R Ramesh, Executive Director 
Address: NP 23 & 24, Developed Plot, Ekkattuthangal, Chennai 600 097, INDIA. 
Telephone: ++91 44 2225 1502, 2225 0359 
Fax: ++91 44 2225 0349

Operating since: 1991 
Built-up area: 2000 sq meters
Products: PMC Moulded components (Compression / Transfer / Injection) 
GRP (SMC) Sectional water tank panels 
Moulding tools for PMC Components (Compression / Transfer / Injection) 
Allied OEM finished products 
Special purpose machines 
Moulding Shop
Compress Moulding

150 Ton press - 3Nos. 
250 Ton press --1No. 
600 Ton press - 1No. 

750 Ton press - 1No. 
1000 Ton press - 1No. 
Injection Moulding - PMC 
180 Ton press - 2 Nos. (Max. shot wt 1Kg) 

Design facility

CAD / CAM / CAE facilities
Solid Model 3D facilities for Industrial Components / Assemblies

We have highly skilled employees with expertise of thermo set / thermo plastic moulding components for various industries such as electrical, mechanical in OEM products

We have R & D and Testing facilities from analysis of Raw Material to Testing of finished Products.

Tool Room facility

We can manufacture Tools for various industrial OEM components

Haas make high speed CNC Milling Machine (x = 1650; y = 800 & z = 700)

Surface Grinder (1M capacity) 
Cylindrical Grinder

Copy Lathe 
Milling Machine - 2 nos.
Precision Lathes - 2 nos.
Radial Drilling Machine