Manufacturing of Special Purpose Machines

DEVI have adquate capability to build our own SPM's including SMC Machines, Moulds & Dies and CNC Equipment etc.,

DEVI have a good team of experts, who can design & manufacture required SPMs.

DEVI, in the last few years has designed and built a wide range of Special Purpose Machines (SPM) and other development activities, for captive use like:

Manufacture of Sheet Moulding Compound Machine capable of thickness 12 mm sheet, with associated (A+B) continuous mixing system

Drilling Machine for Panel Tanks

Design and Development of Pulse Jet type Dust Collectors

Design and Development of new range of Enclosures with CAD-CAM & CAE

New product developments by Solid Modeling, Finite Element Analysis and Production of tooling by CAD-CAM machining

Design & Manufacture of Moulding Tools especially compression / injection moulding tools for thermosets ranging from mould weights of 100 kgs. To 13,000 kgs.

::Indigenous developed Kneed Moulding Machine

      ::Water Tank Panel Drilling Machine

                 View of Machine in design stage                                                 Machine in operation

::Dust Collector (Pulse-Jet Type)