::Injection Moulding Machine - PMC  -- 180 Ton press - 2 Nos. (Max. shot wt 0.8 Kg)


DEVI POLYMERS are large suppliers of Moulded Components in SMC, DMC / BMC by Injection and compression moulding. Devi Polymers are supplying OEM SMC / DMC moulded components  to reputed OEM Manufacturers like GE, ALSTOM, L&T, SIEMENS, AEG-NGEF, CROMPTONS etc., in India since 1975. Even Today, nearly 60% of our moulding capacity is used to serve large OEM customers. 

DEVI have extensive in-house facility for design and manufacture of moulds, supply of Polyester components (Injection and Compression) in bulk, quality control and consistent delivery. 

Some of our facilities are listed below. 

  Compression moulding - SMC; DMC / BMC, KMC 
  130 Tons press - 1 No. 
  150 Tons press - 7 Nos. 
  250 Tons press - 3 Nos. 
  400 Tons press - 1 No. 
  600 Tons press - 1No. 
  1000 Tons press - 1No. 

::New MCCB Shot Weight 650 gms


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